Regional input-output tables for climate policy analysis: A brief data survey

Marius Braun, Nils Keimes - 28. September 2022

Input-output tables are an important tool for model-based assessments of climate, trade or other economic policies (e. g., Pothen and Hübler 2018). While national input-output tables are widely available, withincountry data on regional input-output tables (RIOTs) is unevenly distributed across regions and overall relatively scarce. However, RIOTs are necessary in order to reliably assess regional impacts of climate policy measures within countries and effectively implement future climate policies. This necessity stems from the differential economic impacts of climate policies across regions due to differences in the economic importance of active sectors and their contribution to the overall output of a region. The aim of this article is to review the existing literature on RIOTs and identify priorities for future research efforts. This information can be relevant for modelers, data providers, funders and policy makers. While we choose to primarily focus on the federal states of Germany, the points raised in this article more generally apply to regional economic impacts of climate policies.